ColdClimate | Nothing shocks it

Source: Bachmann System Overview catalog | Bachmann electronic GmbH

Those who work under extreme climatic conditions appreciate reliable partners. Bachmann electronic is known worldwide for its quality promise – to only deliver products with the highest possible reliability.

It‘s a good thing that the customers are demanding and looking for unique solutions for demanding environments. Whether condensation or operating temperatures from -30 to +60 °C, (temperature peaks from -40 to +70 °C), Bachmann solutions withstand everything. The ColdClimate modules are the ultimate response to extreme climatic conditions.

Bachmann's Quality promise is also based on a number of extensive test procedures that extend far beyond the legally prescribed minimum scope – starting with the 100% test for all modules in an active RUN-IN, to extreme temperature change phases in climate chambers, to standard-conformant measurements in the company‘s own 3-meter EMC absorber chamber.

Bachmann products are also ideally equipped for other difficult environmental conditions: For example implementation at high elevations with low air pressure and reduced thermal capacity. And not least: The incredible mechanical stress due to shock and vibration that has no effect on Bachmann controllers.

What for others are feared extreme conditions, are daily challenges for Bachmann electronic that they happily and easily master.

In the webshop, you can find a wide range of modules that are ColdClimate optimised. All of these modules will either end with the letters CC or be marked with the symbol (*) to indicate the modules are made for extreme climatic conditions.