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Strong beneficial partnerships | Bachmann electronic GmbH

We work in close collaboration with other actors in the international wind power industry such as aerodynamic, metrological and blade specialists, other engineering companies and high-tech companies with speciality in wind automation technology.

One of these actors is Bachmann electronic GmbH. Our collaboration with Bachmann electronic has made us a partner and OEM supplier of electronics and electrical equipment from Bachmann such as CPUs and PLC modules in the wind power sector when it comes to small quantities or special deliveries. This gives us the opportunity to offer you modules and electrical equipment in our online inquiry shop.

Available CPUs, PLCs and electronics from Bachmann electronic GmbH

Read more about the different kinds of CPUs and PLC modules from Bachmann in the links below which we can offer in our online inquiry store:

M1 Controller Systems

  • Processor Modules
  • Digital Input/Output Modules
  • Analog Input/Output Modules
  • Function Modules
  • Interface Modules
  • Bus Coupler
  • Fieldbus Modules
  • CAN Slaves
  • System Networking
  • Grid Measurement Modules
  • System Modules
  • Memory Media


  • Front Terminals and Terminal Sets
  • Plastic Fiber Optics Cables
  • Glass Fiber Cables
  • Cable CAN
  • PushPull┬« Adapter

Condition Monitoring

  • Vibration Sensor Input Module

Safety Technology

  • Safety modules 

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