About Spica Technology | Advancing wind performance

The SPICA CONTROLS WEBSHOP is your supply of quality electronics and electrical equipment from leading international OEMs within the wind turbine business.

The webshop is owned by Spica Technology ApS. We are an international engineering and knowledge company dedicated 100% to the wind turbine industry. We have been in the wind energy business since 1997, and for over 20 years, we have developed, produced and installed innovative software, electronics and electrical equipment in new and existing wind turbines - both onshore and offshore.

Our many years of experience in the wind turbine business, innovative engineering and development has evolved over time into a selection of Spica electronics and electrical equipment for different purposes. The electronics and electrical equipment from Spica Technology are aimed at improving montoring, controls and output of operating tubines.

Spica Technology was founded in 1997 by Anders B. Jensen and Lars Gleesborg. Read more about Spica Technology at www.spicatech.dk.

Strong beneficial partnerships with international actors in the industry

We work in close collaboration with other actors in the international wind power industry such as aerodynamic, metrological and blade specialists, other engineering companies and high-tech companies with speciality in wind automation technology.

Two of these actors are:

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