Terms and conditions

1. Preamble

The terms and conditions issued in this agreement shall be seen as supplement to our general conditions issued in NL92 for using our website and make online inquiries for a possible buying and selling process. Our terms and conditions shall apply when buyer and seller agree in writing or otherwise  thereto. Deviations from terms and conditions shall not apply unless agreed in writing.

Spica Technology reserves the right to modify terms and conditions without warning, so please review it frequently.

2. About the website

The website is owned by Spica Technology (VAT no. 28713053) and is a business-to-business webshop that mainly supply other companies in Europe with electronics and electrical equipment.

To make an inquiry on the website, the visitor must create a customer account with company information for possible invoicing for Spica Technology to be able to make a qouation of the inquiry. If the customer need to have the electronic goods delivered to another address than the invoice address, this will be possible to type in doing the inquiry process as this information will help Spica Technology to make the best possible quotation for the customer.

We sell goods in the following category: Electronics and electrical equipment.

If you accept the quotation from Spica Technology, we recieve the following currency: Euro (EUR/).

Payment for an accepted quotation and hereby confirmed order is 100% upfront payment. If the customer accepts the quotation, Spica Technology will send an order confirmation followed by an invoice with payment details for bank transfer. When Spica Technology have received the payment, Spica Technology intends to send the order within 3-7 working days.

3. Personal information

Spica Technology keeps all personal information confidential such as account numbers, address, e-mail etc. None of these information are transferred, sold or published to any third parties.

Spica Technology only uses the personal information to promote an expedition unless other items are wanted such as newsletter og the like.

Learn more about how we register and handle your personal information in our privacy policy.

4. Sales and delivery terms

By acceptance of a quotation, Spica Technology intends to send the ordered goods within 3-7 working days, after Spica Technology have received upfront payment for the order that have been placed. If the order is to be shipped outside Europe like overseas to the United States or Asia, one may expect approx. 2-4 weeks delivery time.

The delivery price is based on the delivery address that the goods must be delivered and on the total amount of ordered goods. To make the best possible quotation for the customer, Spica Technology will need to know the place for delivery to be able to make the best possible quoted price. Spica Technology reserves the right to modify the delivery price, if the customer wants the goods to be delivered to another address than agreed upon first or changes the amount of requested goods.

INCOTERMS: Ex Works Silkeborg, Denmark.

Warranty: Spica Technology guarantees warranty according to the general conditions issued in NL92.

5. Liability

Spica Technology apply the general conditions issued in NL92 for liabiliy for defects and liability for damage to property caused by the goods.

6. Information due to complaining

If the customer want to complain about the services from Spica Technology due to the information of complaining directly to Spica Technology, the customer reserve the right to make an official complaint to the EU Commission. The customer can use the online portal from the EU Commission giving here: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

By complaining to the EU Commission, the customer must include and mention Spica Technology's corporate e-mail info@spicatech.dk.

Terms and conditions modified September 4th, 2018.