FT742 Series

Source: FT Technologies Ltd | We are FT Integration Partner.

The FT722 and the FT742 ultrasonic anemometers are the latest additions to FT Technologies' FT7 Series - the world's thoughest wind sensors. Measuring wind speeds up to 75 m/s, the FT7 Series has been redesigned inside and out with these two new products on the range.

Powered by FT Technologies' patented Acu-Res® Technology, the FT7 Series is unique in the market. Extremly small, with no moving parts to degrade, the FT722 and FT742 are very rugged wind sensors that are maintenance-free and deliver 99,9% data availability, for years on end, even in the harshest of conditions on the top of a wind turbine.

The FT742 innovative design incorporates a series of "turbolators" which condition the air flow to deliver FT Technologies' highest levels of accuracy yet. Available in two mounting options in our online store: The Flat Front (FF) and the Pipe Mount (PM) which are typically used in wind turbine control.


How do I buy or acquire a FT wind sensor?

  1. Just add the needed sensors in the inquiry basket.
  2. Send your inquiry online with you contact info and possible delivery country.
  3. Receive a quotation on your required sensors within 1-3 working days.



Product no.: FTTECH_FT742-A-FF
Manufacturer item no.: FT742-A-FF

FT Analogue Wind Sensor | FT742-A-FF
with Flat Front mounting option.

FT742 Series.

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Product no.: FTTECH_FT742-A-PM
Manufacturer item no.: FT742-A-PM

FT Analogue Wind Sensor | FT742-A-PM
with Pipe Mount mounting option.

FT742 Series.

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Product no.: FTTECH_FT742-D-FF
Manufacturer item no.: FT742-D-FF

FT Digital Wind Sensor | FT742-D-FF
with Flat Front mounting option.

FT742 Series.

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Product no.: FTTECH_FT742-D-PM
Manufacturer item no.: FT742-D-PM

FT Digital Wind Sensor | FT742-D-PM
with Pipe Mount mounting option​.

FT742 Series.

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