Accessories | Terminals and Connections for Controller Systems

Source: Bachmann System Overview catalog | Bachmann electronic GmbH

Bachmann electronic GmbH also offers terminal sets and individual terminals – and cables, connectors and tools for the networking of fiber-optic cables.

The standard connection technology for digital and analog signals of the M1 controller system is implemented with robust spring-loaded or screw terminals that can be fixed securely with a screw flange. The product portfolio has the right connection to suit your requirements.

The plastic fiber optic cables (POF/PMMA fibers) and glass fiber cables (HCS/PCF) are used to connect the FM211, FM212, FS211, FS211/N, FS212 and FS212/N FASTBUS modules, enabling the connection of remote substations over large distances with the least possible signal delay. The inspection and fiber-optic installation tools are also on offer for service and installation tasks.

The Multimode glass fiber cable is used to connect the FM221, FM222, FS221/N and FS222/N FASTBUS modules, enabling the implementation of remote substations over distances of up to 2 kilometers. Bachmann's range of accessories covers all the requirements of complete system solutions.