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Ultrasonic wind sensors: The FT7 Series from FT Technologies

We work in close collaboration with other actors in the international wind power industry such as aerodynamic, metrological and blade specialists, other engineering companies and high-tech companies with speciality in wind technology.

One of these actors is FT Technologies Ltd. Our collaboration with FT Technologies has made us an FT Integration Partner and OEM supplier of the ultrasonic high-performance FT wind sensors - also known as anemometers - since 2017. This gives us the opportunity to offer you the FT wind sensors in our online inquiry shop for you to measure wind speed and wind direction.

Read the press release about the partnership at www.spicatech.dk.


The world's toughest wind sensors

The FT7 Series ultrasonic anemometers from FT Technologies are the world's toughest wind sensors on the market. The unique one of a kind wind sensor keeps on working in many adverse environments where traditional sensors fail. The FT7 Series is highly resistant to corrosion, sand, dust, ice and solar radiation which makes it maintenance-free. Furthermore, a thermostatically controlled heating system ensures that the sensor can stay ice-free.

The FT7 Series ultrasonic anemometers have been used on wind turbines for over 15 years. In this time countless wind sensors have been installed around the world. Over 70% of all offshore wind turbines are fitted with a wind sensor from the FT7 Series - and the sensors are used by 12 of the largest manufactures in the world.

Upgrade ageing turbines

As an FT Integration Partner means that we develop software and electronics to allow ultrasonic high-performance FT wind sensors to be retrofitted to ageing wind turbines without changing the software for the turbines. We give the aftermarket the possibility to upgrade turbines with the FT7 Series wind sensors from FT Technologies - the market's best ultrasonic anemometers.


Available ultrasonic anemometers in the webshop from FT Technologies Ltd.

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