Oil Level & Temperature Monitor Kit - OUT-OF-STOCK

Manufacturer: Spica Technology ApS
Manufacturer item no: 980SPT251
Product no.: Spica_980SPT251
Product condition: New

Spica | Oil Level Monitor for warning before it gets critical
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The Oil Level & Temperature Monitor Kit V1 is out-of-stock. We recommend the Oil Level & Temperature Monitor Kit V2.

Low levels and high temperatures are often reasons for unplanned stops. By adding the oil level & temperature monitor from Spica Technology, you can get a warning before a temperature or a level gets critical.

Due to the magnets on the backside of the module, the level monitor can easily be mounted anywhere on a metal/iron surface. All connections are done through prefabricated cables with moulded plugs to ensure a reliable and water tight connection (IP67).

The PT100 sensors are delivered with 2 or 5-meter silicone cable (standard), complete with moulded M12 connector. Other cable length can be delivered on request. The 4-20 mA input is supported with a 2 meter cable, which also is supplied in the kit.

Spica oil level and temperature monitor is powered by 24VDC from the control system. Internally, the system is galvanic isolated to ensure electrical surges is kept out of the control system. The signals to the control system are provided by galvanic isolated relay contacts. The signals and the power supply share the same cable to the top-box.


  • Three PT100 temperature inputs, range -40 to +190 °C
  • One 4-20mA input for oil level monitoring
  • Four alarm levels and four warning levels
  • Individual high level, low level or window function
  • Readout of actual, min, average and max temperature
  • Two dry contact relay outputs for signaling alarm and warning
  • Fast and easy installation with magnets and standard M12 connectors
  • Galvanically isolated from the control system
  • Built-in data logger, approx. 114 days logging time
  • Built-in RS485 interface for remote monitoring
  • Suited for use in wind turbine nacelles or other harsh environments (-30 °C to+70 °C, vibration resistant and IP65 protected)
  • O-LED display gives clear readout even in direct sunlight 

Included in the kit

  • 1 pcs. oil level and temperature monitor
  • *2. pcs. temperature sensors, 2m cable (4-wire), with plug
  • *1 pcs. cable for supply, 5m (7-wire), with plug
  • *1 pcs. 2m cable (4-wire) for 4-20mA input
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide 

*As standard two temperature sensors are included. More sensors can be purchased seperately, if needed.
*Sensors with 2 and 5 meter cable length are available as standard. Other length are available on request.