Backup Unit MO3

Manufacturer: Spica Technology ApS
Manufacturer item no: 9501SPT175
Product no.: Spica_9501SPT175
Product condition: New

Spica | Backup Unit
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Spica | Backup Unit MO3

The Spica buffer module uses Ultra Capacitors as energy storage inside the housing. The capacitors are charged in normal operation from an external, regulated DC-power supply. In the event of power loss, the stored capacity of the ultra capacitors become distantly energised and supplies power until they are discharged. Backup time depends on the ultra capacitor’s level of charge and the discharge current.

Key features

  • Compact design in single housing
  • Extremely vibration-resistant
  • Maintenance-free
  • Operation in extreme temperatures (-40° to +60°)
  • No gas emission - can be used in sealed environments
  • Short recharge time = fast availability
  • 3 mounting options - this one is mounting option 3