Manufacturer: Bachmann electronic GmbH
Manufacturer item no: 00012696-00
Product no.: Bachmann_00012696-00
Product condition: New

Bachmann DNM201 | DeviceNet master module
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Bachmann DNM201 | DeviceNet master module

  • 1 DeviceNet module for up to 64 nodes
  • 8 separate networks with max. 512 nodes (requires 8 DNM201 modules in one M1 system)
  • Support of »Multi-Master« mode
  • 5-pin connector (in acc. with open DeviceNet standard)
  • Isolation voltage from DNM201 to case 100 V
  • Isolation voltage from DeviceNet bus to system voltages of the controller 500 V
  • Baud rates 125/250/500 kbit / s
  • Extensive status LEDs
  • Modes: Master (multi-master capable), slave, master / slave
  • Module and network status LEDs (MS/NS)
  • Error detection: Duplicate MAC-ID check, device heartbeat, device shutdown message
  • Automatic resumption of communication after failure

Bachmann DNM201 | DeviceNet master module

  • 1x device net interface
  • 500 kbit/s
  • Isolated

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