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The operational availability of modern machines and plants requires a comprehensive maintenance and service concept as well as a consistent design. Due to the high costs of failure, heavy mechanical elements for power transmission (power trains, gears, prime movers) and bearings in particular place considerable pressures on manufacturers and operators. A continuous and if possible automatic monitoring of the mechanical systems is the ideal solution. The condition of the equipment (wear and damage) can be monitored and maintenance and service can be timely scheduled to ensure maximum operability. Within the framework of Condition Monitoring, in addition to numerous well-known indicators, such as temperature, current consumption or load selective operating hour acquisition, vibration analyses in the frequency range, in particular, has proven to be an effective output variable.

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Vibration Sensor Input Module AIC212

The M1 automation system's AIC212 module offers up to nine vibration measuring inputs for high resolution, signal correlated monitoring of different measuring points. Three signal inputs with a standard signal level of ±10 V and a position transducer input provide consistent acquisition of other relevant variables and the angle or position relation of the mechanics. Thanks to the embedding in the M1 system analyses can also directly consider any other signals or variables of the entire controller composite (e.g. current performance, operating condition), doubling the sensor system.

The AIC212 module has its own integrated working memory to record time series of signal profiles for up to 50 kilo samples / second – which is far below the controller cycle time. The evaluation is carried out in the well established M1 CPU modules in the form of CMS application programs that can operate as required with static processes, frequency or location analyses. The measuring data is also provided as channel values in the cycle of controller programs as directly recorded online variables.


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